Career Consulting

HR Services with MAK HR Consulting

In addition to providing Human Resources solutions for the strategic and operational perspectives of organizations, MAKHR Consulting, has an expertise in delivering People Related Workshops for individuals and teams who are seeking to raise their awareness within the job search arena. These workshops can be designed for individuals or group meetings.

  1. Personality Assessment — Utilizing Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) clients will gain a better understanding and awareness of their personality and career preferences which will allow for a more productive and sustainable career path.
  2. Job Search Process — Learn the life skills to be prepared to meet the ever changing demands for talent and how you can stay current and marketable.
  3. Resume Writing — Prepare a resume that matches your passion and interest and highlights your ability to provide value add to an organization. If you are getting interviews, you resume is working.
  4. Interviewing Skill Building — As mentioned in the MAKHR services for small business owners, the Behavior Based Interviewing workshop is designed for candidates to learn how to respond to questions that are seeking specific examples.
  5. Networking — It isn't simply connect to someone through the various search engines and social community sites or sending emails to colleagues, family and friend. Networking is a skill that most people are uncomfortable at first to develop. As the method for securing career opportunities has advanced from a tap on the shoulder by someone to take a new role because they like you, it is critical to develop the tools and methodology for productive networking.
  6. Job Search from a Corporate Perspective — It is obvious that the bottom line for corporations is profitability and productivity. Learn the staffing process from within Fortune 100 companies and how candidates can begin to understand how to differentiate themselves.

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