HR Services

Career Consulting with MAK HR ConsultingEvery organization today is fighting the war for the specialized talent. Securing the proper tools to attract, retain and develop the employees who meet the needs of the business is even more critical.

To address these needs MAKHR Consulting offers the following solutions:

  1. A robust staffing process which will ensure a core, common and consistent approach to the process. Included in this process is the full cycle talent acquisition; from developing job descriptions, sourcing, screening, interviewing candidates and all post offer activities including back ground checks.
  2. Behavior Based Interviewing is an interviewing technique with an underlying assumption that “past behavior is future predictor”. It also is fact-based, observable and verifiable. Candidates are expected to respond to standardized questions that seek specific examples of demonstrated performance. Based on research, this method of interviewing provides a more qualitative and quantitative result in the hiring process. All members of interview teams will be provided with the training to conduct this type of interviewing.
  3. On-boarding and the integration process is another area where research has indicated that employees are more productive earlier in their employment when organizations implement these structured plans. Each hiring manager will follow a checklist of items that must be secured to ensure a smooth transition for their new hire including an integration plan. This plan will provide the necessary introductions within the organization over the course of 30-60 days in order for the new hire to understand the strategic plan of the business along with the other functional areas they will interact and engage.
  4. A performance management process to measure the organization's ability to monitor and enhance the performance of each of its employees. By developing annual goals and objectives with measurable (SMART = Specific, Measureable, Action Oriented, Realistic and Time-bound) individual accountabilities, organizations will have the ability to assess the performance of their team members and improve overall results. In addition, performance feedback is a wonderful retention tool especially for the highly motivated employee.
  5. Succession planning is another critical area in the war on talent. Most candidates will seek those employers who have demonstrated performance in developing their employees and providing opportunities for career progression. With a structured / measurable process organizations will ensure long term strategic planning.
  6. Coaching and Feedback sessions for individuals and teams. Utilizing Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the person centered approach, employees and teams gain a better understanding and awareness of both themselves and each other with regard to career and personality preferences.
  7. Human Resources Administrative Support and Programs will include the design and development of an employee handbook, employment application, employee referral program, confidentiality and non-compete agreements, etc.

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